Our Favorites....

Everyone is always asking us which frames, trims and color combos we like best.  So, here are just a few of our faves.  Enjoy!  And, as always, just email us with any questions.  Oh, and be sure to check back tomorrow because he's almost finished with one that I think will become my new fave.  :)

I think my absolute fave color is the Powder Blue with a glaze on it.  (the back frame is glazed Buttercup)

I didn't think I'd like this color combo, but I do.  JT came up with it.  It's glazed Olde Lace with Honey Dew trim.

Mmmmm.  One of my other faves!  Ocean with a glaze.

No surprise.  Powder Blue with a glaze.  This circle frame is probably my favorite frame.

I LOVE the Rust color (left) and the right is Buttercup with a glaze.

I had to include this frame because it is one of my faves, too.  This one showcases my favorite trim --- Trellis Trim (Ecru with Brown Stain underneath)

Another Trellis Trim in glazed Olive.

A custom design in glazed Powder Blue.

My favorite trim to see in the Silver Rub is the Oval Trim.  This is beautiful!

I do love the Kiwi color with a glaze......

And last but not least, our signature frame - The "Kiwi" frame (Kiwi with Brown Stain underneath).

My favorite project (other than a frame) so far, would have to be this vintage inspired play kitchen.  You can check out more pics by clicking HERE.


  1. Love all the frames, but the first one I adore...fabulous!!

  2. I love the frames!!!

    And yes, that vintage kitchen is just too cute. I'm hoping to make one for Christmas for Dmitri!