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Today I'm featuring a simple desk John Taylor built for my friend, Emily.  She is in the process of making her bonus room her office/den.  Emily has such wonderful taste, I know it's going to look wonderful.  She gave John Taylor this picture as her want for a desk:

John Taylor made her this:

He did modify the legs and made them a little wider, but over all it's the same saw horse desk!  It is going to look great in her office next to the other pieces he's building her since it's so simple.  Here are some more pictures showing detail:

This is unfinsihed.  She was unsure of the color she was going to paint it, but said she was thinking about doing some sort of decupodge on the desk top!  Which I think would be fab!  I can't wait to see the finished product and will post pictures of it when she is done. 

Other pieces from Emily's office make-over coming soon!

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